REAXIS® C154, Stannous Chloride Dihydrate, is a very high purity product that is used in the curing of thermoplastic elastomers.

REAXIS® C154 is used in Sn/Pd activator formulations for POP. This product is also a preferred tin source for tin/nickel alloy plating and as a surface color modifier for art glass.

REAXIS® C154 meets FDA and USP requirements as defined in the Food Chemical Codex.

Typical Specifications
Assay as SnCl2·2H2O (%)99.2 - 103.0
Stannous Tin (%)52.2 Min.
Fe (ppm)30 Max.
Pb (ppm)100 Max.
Na content (ppm)100 Max.
K content (ppm)50 Max.
Ca content (ppm)50 Max.
SulfatePasses A.C.S. Test
Solubility in HClPasses A.C.S. Test
Product Characteristics
Appearancewhite crystalline
Solubilitysoluble in water, also in numerous non-aqueous solvents
Chemical typeinorganic tin

Standard Packaging

  • 55 lb (25 kg) plastic pails

Storage Conditions

REAXIS® C154 should be stored in the original packaging at cool temperatures. This material melts at 38°C (100°F) and is hydroscopic. Some yellowing may occur during storage. The container should be closed tightly after each use to maximize shelf life.

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