REAXIS® C1001, Stannous Pyrophosphate Information

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Product Spotlight
April 30, 2021

“REAXIS® C1001, stannous pyrophosphate, is a high density free-flowing fine white powder with high stannous (Sn2+) content. It is a member of the inorganic tin family and is currently being utilized in specialty chemical applications ranging from oral care, as a dentifrice polishing agent, to lithium-ion batteries as a negative electrode. Additionally, stannous pyrophosphate can be utilized in electrodeposition and electroplating applications4,5, water treatment6, and medical imaging7.

As a leader in the development and commercial production of inorganic tin chemicals, Reaxis continues to offer new products for various markets/applications requiring alternatives to organotins.

Download to learn how REAXIS is formulating blends to free flowability of stannous pyrophosphate