Reaxis Inc. Launches New Website

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January 27, 2021

Reaxis Inc. is a global leader in developing and producing a wide range of metal-based additives. We recently launched a new website which features an enhanced user experience for our customers. Visitors can expect to find a large library of accessible and downloadable product and technical support resources at your convenience.

“Given our long history and experience in developing and manufacturing metal-based products, I believe Reaxis is in a great position to offer the next generation of products to our current customers and the broader market. Our enhanced digital marketing resources will allow us to better support existing and prospective customers,” said Michael Curcione, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

Our history dates back to 1965 with the incorporation of Pitt Processing and Manufacturing Company, later known as Pitt Metals and Chemicals, Inc. The company initiated the manufacturing of inorganic tin compounds in the 1970s. Pitt Metals was acquired by Goldschmidt AG in 1995 and then became Goldschmidt Industrial Chemical Corporation (GICC). Through a succession of several mergers and acquisitions, GICC became an independent company through a management buyout. The company name was officially changed to Reaxis Inc. in 2008.

Today, we offer the most diverse range of metal-based products including those used as catalysts, complexing agents, corrosion protection enhancers, surface finishing additives and lubricant additives.

For questions about our specialty chemical company or our new website, contact us.