Metal-based lubricant additives are commonly used in the formulation of lubricants to enhance performance and impart property improvement. Primarily beneficial for enhancing anti-wear and anti-friction properties, metal-based additives act in forming a protective metal layer on metal substrates, thus reducing metal-to-metal contact. 

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Product List

Reaxis C125 Stannous Neodecanoate Request A Sample
Reaxis C129 – Stannous Octoate Stannous Octoate Request A Sample
Reaxis C218 Dibutyltin Dilaurate Request A Sample
Reaxis C3208 Bismuth Neodecanoate Request A Sample
Reaxis C3209 Bismuth Neodecanoate (Low Viscosity) Request A Sample
Reaxis C3210 Bismuth Octoate (Catalyst Grade) Request A Sample
Reaxis C620 Zinc Octoate Request A Sample
Reaxis C708 Zinc/Bismuth Neodecanoate Blend Request A Sample
Reaxis C716 Bismuth Neodecanoate Request A Sample
Reaxis C717 Zinc/Bismuth Octoate Blend Request A Sample

Metal-Based Lubricant Additives

Reaxis supplies a select number of tin, zinc and bismuth compounds that can be used as lubricant additives. The selection of a specific additive depends on the end-use application, compatibility, and environmental/toxicity concerns. Request a sample of any of our products on their respective pages, or contact us for more information.

Tin-Based Lubricant Additives

Tin-based compounds such as REAXIS® C129 (Stannous Octoate) and REAXIS® C218 (Dibutyltin Dilaurate) Tin-based additives are used in extreme-pressure lubricants. These products contain high active metal contact, include formulation-compatible ligands, and exhibit both a low acid content and low viscosities.

Zinc-Based Lubricant Additives

Zinc-based lubricant additives include REAXIS® C620 (Zinc Octoate) Zincs are used in applications where environmental concerns with tins are present and there is a need for low-cost alternatives. Zinc octoate contains a fairly high metal content (20%), a compatible ligand and exhibits both a low acid content and low viscosity.

Bismuth-Based Lubricant Additives

Bismuth-based additives can be used in place of zinc products, where zinc use is restricted such as in the marine and food processing industries. Reaxis’s bismuth-based lubricants additives include REAXIS® C3208 (Bismuth Neodecanoate) and REAXIS® C3202LA (Bismuth Octoate) The latter product has a reduced free acid content compared to the catalyst grade.