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Tin chemicals find many direct and indirect uses in oil & gas applications. Indirect uses include organotin catalysts such as REAXIS® C218 used in polyurethane protective coatings and fracking proppants. 

Direct uses include inorganic tin chemicals used in oil and gas well development and maintenance operations as a functional additive for acidizing, metal ion reduction, complexation of metal ions, pickling, and rheology modification. 

For the purposes of acidizing, reduction and pickling applications, stannous chloride products are commonly used as petrochemical additives. REAXIS® E155 (Stannous Sulfate) is selectively used in the rheology control of drilling fluids.

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Stannous Chloride Solutions as Petrochemical Additives

The most commonly used inorganic tin used in down-well oil & gas operations is stannous chloride. This is due to its unique functionality, low toxicity, and commercial availability. Stannous chloride plays a crucial role in well simulations, especially in wells with high iron content. As a key fracking additive, stannous chloride acts as a powerful reducing agent, transforming insoluble ferric iron compounds into ferrous soluble forms. This process significantly enhances the extraction of oil or gas from the wells. 

Stannous chloride is also used in deep wells where high temperatures are more prevalent and minimal additive degradation is desired. Stannous Chloride can be used as an acidizing agent for well development, assisting in the dissolution of damaging scale, inorganic deposits, or drilling mud solids. Stannous chloride is widely used as a pickling additive for the maintenance of production equipment by assisting in removing oxides, scales, and other surface impurities to enhance corrosion resistance.

Our Stannous Chloride Solutions, including Reaxis® S25, Reaxis® S45, Reaxis® S50, and Reaxis® S72, are versatile petrochemical additives designed to meet the specific specialty chemical needs of the oil & gas industry.

Stannous Sulfate as a Petrochemical Additive

Another inorganic tin chemical used is REAXIS® E155 (Stannous Sulfate). It can be used in select well development operations as a rheology modifier. Rheology modifiers in well operations typically include polymers, gelling agents, viscosifiers and clay-based additives and are used to control the rheological properties of drilling fluids, completion fluids, and other specializing fluids.

Stannates as Petrochemical Additives

Inorganic tin stannates such REAXIS® E140 (Potassium Stannate) and REAXIS® E144 (Sodium Stannate) can be used in oil & gas applications given their functionalities as superb metal ion complexing agent, assisting in the removal of deleterious metal ions.