Stannous Chlorides

Stannous Chloride Specialty Chemicals:

Stannous chloride chemicals are an essential component in various industrial applications, offering a range of benefits and functionalities. These versatile compounds serve a wide array of functionalities from acting as solvents, pickling and cleaning agents, catalysts, reducing agents and corrosion protection additives. End-use markets include water treatment, electroplating and surface finishing, oil & gas,  polyester resin synthesis and battery manufacturing.


Stannous Chlorides as Solvents, Pickling, and Cleaning Agents

Stannous chloride chemicals such as solution-based products, REAXIS® S50 and REAXIS® S25, serve as effective solvents and cleaning agents commonly used in oil & gas operations. By effectively dissolving metallic impurities, stannous chloride specialty chemicals can prepare metallic surfaces for further treatment, including galvanizing, painting and coating.

Stannous Chlorides as Catalysts

Stannous chloride chemicals serve as versatile and effective catalysts in a wide range of chemical reactions, with applications spanning from organic synthesis to polymerization. By enhancing reaction rates, selectivity, and overall efficiency, these stannous chloride catalysts are invaluable in the production of numerous essential products and materials across various industries. Common catalysis reactions are esterifications used to synthesize monomeric and saturated and unsaturated polyesters. Commonly used catalysts include REAXIS®C154, REAXIS® C154S, REAXIS® C162, and REAXIS® C154T.

Stannous Chlorides in Electroplating and Surface Finishing

In the realm of electroplating and surface finishing, stannous chloride chemicals such as REAXIS® C154, stannous chloride dihydrate, and REAXIS® C162, anhydrous stannous chloride, are commonly used as electrolytes. These chemicals play a crucial role in depositing a thin, protective layer of metal on various substrates, enhancing their corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and aesthetic appeal. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics extensively utilize stannous chloride chemicals for electroplating applications.

Stannous Chlorides in the Production of Inorganic and Organic Compounds

Stannous chloride chemicals are essential in the production of numerous inorganic and organic compounds. These compounds find applications in various industries, from construction and automotive to pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. The versatile nature of chloride chemicals makes them indispensable in the manufacturing of a wide array of products.

Stannous Chlorides Used in Oil & Gas Industry

Stannous chloride solutions are used in various oil & gas operations including well simulation and picking/acidizing of equipment. In regard to well simulations, stannous chloride acts as a key fracking additive used in wells that are characterized by high iron content. Here the stannous chloride acts as a reducing agent, reducing iron from an insoluble to soluble form thus enhancing oil or gas extraction. Additionally, stannous chloride is used as a pickling/acidizing additive for the maintenance of production equipment. Commonly used stannous chloride solutions used in oil & gas operations include REAXIS® S25, REAXIS® S45, REAXIS® S50, and REAXIS® S72, which are varying blends of stannous chloride solutions.