Reaxis®  E10

REAXIS® E10, also known as Sodium Stannate Trihydrate or Sodium Hexhydroxostannate, is a Sn (IV)-based inorganic tin chemical. REAXIS® E10 is a stable liquid version characterized by optimum sodium stannate content ranging from 118 to 130 g/L. Our manufacturing process incorporates high quality raw materials, minimizing residuals and enhancing overall product quality.  Residual metal contaminants (Pb, Fe, Cu, Ni, Sb, Bi) are minimized.  Alternative grades of REAXIS® E10 include crystal grades, REAXIS® E144P and  REAXIS® E144. Alternatives to sodium-based stannates include the potassium stannate grades, REAXIS® E140 and REAXIS® E140P.  Liquid grades of both sodium and potassium stannates can be manufactured based on customer-defined specifications and solubility limitations. REAXIS® E10 is a commonly used additive in a wide range of applications and is present on many international inventory lists. For additional information regarding inorganic tins, please refer to our Technical Bulletin, “The Chemistry and Toxicity of Inorganic Tins-A Mini-Review.

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Technical Information

  • Product Category Inorganic Tin

  • Chemical Name Sodium Stannate

  • CAS Number 12027-70-2

Typical Specifications

Parameter Range
SnT Content (%) 10.0 - 10.3
SnT Content (g/L) 122 - 128
Density (g/ml) 1.22 - 1.24
Color Colorless
Other Elements (%) 0.1 max
Na2[Sn(OH)6] content (%) 22.4 - 23.2
Free NaOH (%) 0.5 max
Solution clarity (%T) 70 min

International Regulatory Listings

  • TSCA (US) Yes

  • DSL (Canada) Yes

  • REACH (EU) Yes

  • AICS (Australia) Yes

  • KECI (South Korea) Yes

  • ENCS (Japan) Yes

  • TCSI (Taiwan) Yes

  • NZloC (New Zealand) Yes

  • PICCS (The Philippines) Yes

  • NDSL (Canada) No

  • IECSC (China) No


REAXIS® E10 is used as an additive in a wide range of applications including surface finishing, the stabilization of hydrogen peroxide, and glass manufacturing. In surface finishing, REAXIS® E10 is used as an alkaline electroplating additive in high-speed plating operations, coin minting and electroless processes such as piston plating.  Additionally, it is used for hydrogen peroxide stabilization, as a mordant for dyeing processes, various glass manufacturing processes, and as an electrolyte additive in batteries. Niche applications involve chemical syntheses requiring a stable tin source and water treatment applications demanding caustic solutions.


The diverse applicability of sodium stannate stems from its fundamental compatibility with the chemistries employed in glass manufacturing, surface finishing, and redox reactions. REAXIS® E10 has a reactivity characterized by its high tin content and its inorganic tin (as Sn(IV)) nature. Like all inorganic tin products produced by Reaxis, the concentration of the active tin species, versus the inactive forms, is maximized. In terms of functionality, REAXIS® E10 acts as both a good chelating agent for a wide variety of metals and an efficient tin metal plating agent. REAXIS® E10 offers rapid reactivity and efficient ion movement, leading to consistent quality and faster processing times.

Package & Storage


  • 2500 lb. IBC


REAXIS® E10 should be stored in the original packaging.  The container should be closed tightly after each use to maximize shelf life. This product should be stored in a manner so as to prevent freezing.

Safety and Handling

Before use of Reaxis products please refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and toxicological data as well as for the information on proper transportation, storage, and use. SDSs are available by request via our web site, contacting your local representative, or emailing direct to

This information is provided to the best of our knowledge but without obligation. Reaxis is not liable for any incorrect or missing information. This data sheet becomes invalid upon publication of a new version. Please contact us for the latest version.

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