Reaxis®  C1001 - Stannous Pyrophosphate

REAXIS® C1001, Stannous Pyrophosphate, is a high concentration tin metal content stannous-based inorganic product. REAXIS® C1001 is produced via a direct-from-metal process resulting in a high purity end product. It is an amorphous white solid tin compound with a melting point > 400°C. REAXIS® C1001 is water-insoluble and acid soluble. REAXIS® C1001 is a versatile inorganic tin used in various end-use applications including surface finishing and glass compounds. REAXIS® C1001 performs as an ideal reducing agent. Similar products include, REAXIS® S50 (Stannous Chloride Solution) REAXIS® C162 (Stannous Chloride Anhydrous) and REAXIS® C154 (Stannous Chloride Dihydrate).

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Technical Information

  • Chemical Name Stannous Pyrophosphate

Typical Specifications

Parameter Range
Tin Content (%) 55.5 - 58.0
Stannous Tin (%) 55.5 - 57.5
Tin (IV) Content (%) 0.5 Max
Chlorides (ppm) 4000 Max
Fe (ppm) 50 Max

International Regulatory Listings

  • TSCA (US) Yes

  • DSL (Canada) No

  • NDSL (Canada) Yes

  • REACH (EU) No

  • AICS (Australia) No

  • KECI (South Korea) Yes

  • IECSC (China) No

  • ENCS (Japan) No

  • TCSI (Taiwan) Yes

  • NZloC (New Zealand) No

  • PICCS (The Philippines) Yes


REAXIS® C1001 is a reducing agent that is commonly used in the manufacturing of electroplated coatings and electronic components. This compound acts as a reducing agent by donating electrons to metal ions, allowing them to be reduced to a lower oxidation state. In electroplating applications, REAXIS® C1001 is used to reduce metal ions in the plating bath, allowing for the deposition of a thin layer of metal onto a substrate. This process is used to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of a wide range of metal components. In the electronics industry, REAXIS® C1001 is used to reduce metal ions during the production of printed circuit boards, where it helps to create a thin layer of conductive metal on the surface of the board.

Package & Storage

  • 25kg/55lb plastic pails

REAXIS® C1001, Stannous Pyrophosphate, should be stored in the original packaging at moderate temperatures. The container should be closed tightly after each use to maximize shelf life.

Safety and Handling

Before use of Reaxis products please refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and toxicological data as well as for the information on proper transportation, storage, and use. SDSs are available by request via our web site, contacting your local representative, or emailing direct to

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